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Reasons to use Tendril Connect™ APIs

Connect with the Energy Internet.

Gain first-time access to the Energy Internet, the world’s largest marketplace. We’ve innovated an industry, so you can innovate the world.

Connect with the Energy Internet

Connect with any device.

Develop for electronics, appliances, electric vehicles, and more, and achieve whole home orchestration that was never before possible.

Connect with any device

Connect with any meter.

Access almost any household meter – AMI, AMR, communicating or non-communicating – to create a truly connected, dynamic grid.

Connect with any meter

Develop for millions. All at once.

Sell one application or product that works for all, be it energy providers, partners or consumers.

Develop for millions. All at once.

You Develop. We help Market.

Reach your audience of thousands or millions through the co-marketing opportunities Tendril offers to developers.

You Develop. We help Market.

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